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Fenton, MO, United States of America


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VCF Formation Charging System

Bitrode provides the VCF-CR charge-only circuitry as an excellent solution for formation of automotive and industrial batteries, best suited for container charging of multiple strings of batteries. ...

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Bitrode began in 1957 as an in-house department developing formation chargers for Acme Battery, a manufacturer in St. Louis, Missouri. It quickly developed into a standalone company, known at that time as Meteor Production Engineering, building on industry expertise to provide charging solutions backed by knowledgeable, dedicated service to manufacturers of automotive, standby and motive power batteries. Early in its history, Bitrode recognized a need among its customers for accurate and reliable test instrumentation for both R&D and quality assurance, and responded by developing lines of production and laboratory test equipment tailored to meet the specific demands of many segments of the battery industry. Bitrode grew from within the battery industry, and continues to provide superior value by remaining dedicated solely to that industry.

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Bitrode Making Move To Green Park

30 November 2010 | South County Times
New $4.3 million headquarters expected to open in April 2011 Laurent Soreille, Roland Soreille, Maurizio Masotti, Enzo Mazzola, Yannic Otten and Paolo Canova, all of Bitrode Corp., break ground on the firm's new 85,0...
Bitrode adds EV/HEV Battery Module Test System

Bitrode adds EV/HEV Battery Module Test System

23 December 2009
The American battery formation and test equipment manufacturer is showcasing its Model FTV. The high performance FTV system is the ideal solution for demanding electric and hybrid electric vehicle battery testing and ...
Bitrode - Battery Charging and Test Systems

Bitrode - Battery Charging and Test Systems

3 December 2009
The US-based company is joining as a new Silver Partner to present its expertise in cell, module, and pack testing - especially for the EV market and advanced chemistries. State-of-the-art technologies comb...

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Graham Peters
Sales Manager at Bitrode
Martin Robador
Rep at Bitrode
Laura Schacht
HEV Sales & Marketing Director at Bitrode

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