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Capstone Turbine Company

OEM | Electric Vehicle...

91311 Chatsworth, CA , United States of America


Capstone Turbine Company has 1 product in our system.
CMT-380 Microturbine Supercar

Electric Vehicle | 8 March 2011

The CMT-380 is the world’s first microturbine-powered supercar. This sleek hybrid-electric sports car draws its power from lithium polymer batteries and a Capstone C30 microturbine. The CMT-380 prove...

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FT Energy award-winner Capstone has shipped 2,000 30- and 60-kW commercial microturbine power systems for applications ranging from hybrid electric vehicles to converting landfill gas and other waste gases into electricity. For electric vehicles, the Capstone MicroTurbine serves as an onboard battery charger, enhancing range, providing added power for air conditioning and consistent acceleration. Thus, the need for daytime battery charging or swapping is eliminated.

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