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ITM Power plc


S60 3DL United Kingdom
t | fax01142445111


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ITM Power designs and manufactures Hydrogen Energy Systems for Energy Storage and Clean Fuel production. ITM Power is committed to clean sustainable energy solutions based around water electrolysis. Our principal motivation is to engineer zero-carbon hydrogen energy systems that provide energy security and independence from fossil fuels. ITM's electrolyser and fuel cell technologies have the potential to become the cornerstones of a future hydrogen economy based on 'green' hydrogen. Our hydrogen systems are able to convert renewable energy to a clean fuel, that can be indefinitely stored for use in transport, residential and industrial applications. ITM has grown from its original platform of novel polymeric electrolytes (for water electrolysis and hydrogen fuel cells) to that of a technology provider. ITM now has both a strong base of intellectual property and engineering expertise for providing complete hydrogen solutions.

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Barry Cunliffe
CFO at ITM Power plc

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