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Atlanta, GA, United States of America


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wheego LiFe

Electric Vehicle | 8 March 2011

All Electric: - Not a hybrid. Zero emissions. No gas required. Range: - About 100 miles per charge. Time to charge from 50% to 100% - About 5 hours, on a 220V/240V outlet. Size: - Two...

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Wheego is an Atlanta-based company that designed the Whip LiFe — a two seater electric vehicle that will be produced in 2011 with a range of 100 miles.

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Will Tesla, Wheego and others lose airbag-related "h...

14 June 2011 | Green Autoblog
Tesla Motors, Lamborghini and a handful of other low-volume automakers may lose a "hardship" exemption that allows for the sale of vehicles with airbags that fail to comply with current U.S. safety standards...
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Atlanta-based Wheego's new electric car LiFe to hit road ...

25 February 2011 | ajc
For a product that has yet to gain a firm hold in the broad consumer market, the electric car business has a lot of players. A crowd of companies, from unknown upstarts to big-name traditional manufacturers, have at...
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Tesla's Elon Musk On The Record

10 November 2010 |
PALO ALTO, Calif. -- "You can't drive a press release," Elon Musk told me in a wide-ranging video discussion at his California office. He was referencing the competition, which has mostly talked about the el...
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Wheego Electric Car Gets October Release

8 October 2010 | Business Week
Reportedly available this month at a dealership perhaps somewhere near you: the LiFE electric vehicle, made by Wheego, an electric car company based in Atlanta, with manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Canada. The Li...
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Wheego now accepting pre-orders for $32,995 LiFe electric...

16 June 2010 | Auto Green Magazine
Well, it isn’t going to be available in August as hoped, but the $32,995 (before incentives) Wheego Whip LiFe has been re-scheduled for delivery in September and Wheego Electric Cars is now accepting $100 refund...
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Evatran Starts Field Trial of  Hands-free Electric C...

2 March 2010 | EV World
Wytheville, VA -- Evatran, LLC, the makers of the world’s first “hands-free” proximity charging system for electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids, announced today the launch of a field trial of...
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I am riding in an electric car!

9 November 2009 | MYODB
I wrote much of this post, or I should say I dictated it into my digital recorder, while riding in an electric car. A colleague of mine, Stephen Currie, is the first person in Atlanta to own a Wheego electric car and ...
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EV Wheego's McQuarry on the future of cars

6 October 2009 | BusinessWeek
The startup, which is seeking $2.5 million in venture capital, has produced a two-seater city car called the Whip, which can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and travel up to 50 miles on an eight-hour charge.

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Les Seagraves
VP Marketing & Legislative Counsel at Wheego

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