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Battery System development at SB LiMotive

10 November 2009 | Presentation | Published: 2009
Presentation from SB LiMotive, a joint company of Samsung and Bosch, at the First German Electric Vehicle Congress.

Integrated Hydrogen and Renewables Projects in Europe

17 February 2012 | Report / Study | Published: 2012
One of the best ways for us to generate power and fuel our vehicles from an emissions point of view is through a combination of renewable electricity and hydrogen. The European Union has set targets for 2020 for renew...

Andy Heiron: The OEM Perspective

30 April 2010 | Presentation | Published: 2010
Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Programme at Renault UK hold this presentation at the AW Briefing in April 2010.

Going-Electric's position paper regarding CARS 21 Pu...

17 May 2011 | Presentation | Published: 2011
The Competitive Automotive Regulatory System for the 21st century (CARS 21) High-level group, part of the EU Commission's modern industrial policy, organised on 13 May 2011 a public hearing during which key messages f...

Batteries and Storage Systems for the Fully Electric...

18 November 2010 | Report / Study | Published: 2009
Aiming to understand the research needs in the domain of batteries and storage systems which play the most crucial role in the development of fully electric vehicles (FEV), the Commission jointly with the European Tec...

Low-Emission Range Extender for Electric Vehicles

18 July 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
Typical auto trips are within the driving range of efficient electric vehicles (EVs), but typical vehicle use also includes occasional trips that exceed EV range. EV users may face the necessity of maintaining a secon...

Shades of Green: Electric Cars’ Carbon Emissio...

18 February 2013 | Report / Study | Published: 2013
According to analysis by Shrink That Footprint the carbon emissions of grid powered electric cars in countries with coal based generation are no different to average petrol vehicles, while in countries with low carbo...

Newsletter International Energy Agency - Hybrid Elec...

25 May 2009 | Article / Press | Published: 2009

Design & Development of A Large Li-ion Battery Pa...

1 June 2009 | Article / Press | Published: 2009

What’s Your Strategy for the Electric Vehicle ...

23 April 2010 | Article / Press | Published: 2009
In just a few short years since their debut in 1999, hybrid gas-electric vehicles are selling at over 300,000 vehicles per year in the United States, a trend that seems likely to accelerate. The medium-term end-game w...

Wide load potential for electric vehicles

16 April 2010 | Article / Press | Published: 2009

Press Release: Eurelectric Concept Paper on Market M...

1 October 2010 | Article / Press | Published: 2010
The paper takes three major roles within the value chain of e-mobility electricity - distribution, operation of infrastructure, and retail - as a point of departure to identify and describe four major market models. T...

Power Struggles: Charging tomorrow's cars 

4 November 2010 | Article / Press | Published: 2010
(Reuters Special Report) Examines electric car sales and projections, charging infrastructure, and industry developments.

Batteries and Ultracapacitors for Electric, Hybrid, ...

28 June 2011 | Article / Press | Published: 2007
The application of batteries and ultracapacitors in electric energy storage units for battery powered (EV) and charge sustaining and plug-in hybrid-electric (HEV and PHEV) vehicles have been studied in detail. The use...

Energy-efficiency standards for electric motors in B...

30 June 2011 | Article / Press | Published: 2007
The first regulation of the ‘‘Energy Efficient Act’’ for electric motors, launched in 2002, established two sets of minimum efficiency performance standards (MEPS), for ‘standard’ (...