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Which Hybrid Powertrain would be Suitable for your Vehicle to Reduce CO2 emissions?

29 May 2009

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Evaluation of powertrain configurations for performance, emission and efficiency benefits using computer simulation tools has become part of the standard vehicle development procedure. The wide variety of available powertrain options along with the various hybrid systems necessitate AVL to simulate and evaluate these in order to obtain the configuration with the best benefit potential. AVL’s vehicle systems and driveline analysis tool CRUISE can be used to perform these simulations and analysis in a user friendly and efficient manner. CRUISE has a unique layering feature used to build up a vehicle model in several sub-systems (layers). The various components in the vehicle model are grouped together to form different sub-system layers. The conventional components of the baseline vehicle are grouped together to form the conventional layers, upon which the additional hybrid system components are added to form the hybrid layers. These various layers can be activated or deactivated as necessary, allowing users to simulate the vehicle for fuel economy, performance and emissions for different powertrain hybrid configurations in the same vehicle model. This paper evaluates and compares the CO2 reduction potential for different hybridization options for a super-mini class vehicle and also lays out the relative cost of implementing these different hybrid powertrains. The simulation results combined with the cost benefit analysis allows automotive OEMs to choose the specific hybrid technologies as per their fleet requirements.

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Year: 2009
Type: Report / Study
Source: Industry / Business
Language: English
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Pavan Potluri
Vishal Desai
David Maillard
Nirav Shah
Baekhyun Cho
AVL Powertrain U.K Ltd