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LiTHIUM Balance joins to present Li-Ion battery management solutions

30 November 2010

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The Denmark-based company LiTHIUM Balance is becoming a new silver partner on to showcase its innovative solutions for battery management systems (BMS) for lithium-ion battery packs. The product range comprises scalable and integrated BMS, as well as a full range of accessories.
With a very experienced team of automotive, battery and electronics experts, LiTHIUM Balance is developing and selling intelligent battery management systems (BMS) as an essential technology for the development of Lithium Ion powered industrial and transport solutions.

Lithium Ion battery packs require management to ensure safety, performance and reliability. The company’s BMS has proven success in a wide range of applications, providing safe, cost effective and intelligent management for Lithium Ion battery packs. The in-house R&D team ensures continuous improvements and technical support at hand for challenging applications.

Electric vehicle track record

The development of a scalable BMS platform for electric cars and other high voltage applications began in early 2008. The first prototypes were successfully implemented in two electric cars developed by Lotus Engineering for Proton Cars of Malaysia in February 2009, and the platform was released for production and sales mid 2009.

Early 2010, Frost & Sullivan recognised Lithium Balance's innovative Battery Management Systems for Lithium Ion batteries with the ‘2009 European Automotive Powertrain New Product Innovation Award’.

The product range of LiTHIUM Balance will soon be presenting the LiTHIUM Balance BMS solutions in more detail with all technical specifications. LiTHIUM Balance’s BMS solutions are based around two platforms, the s-BMS (scalable BMS) and the i-BMS (integrated BMS).

The s-BMS is scalable from 12 to 600 volts (and above on special request) and is built up around a master and slave configuration. It provides cell protection, cell balancing, charger control, switching control, battery status, battery model and CAN bus for integration with the load, together with a host of safety features and battery logging options. Up to 256 cells can be managed by the system and it has been used in a great number of different applications.

The i-BMS is available in 12 -72 volts versions and contains the power electronics directly integrated with the BMS, making it extremely quick and easy to install. A sophisticated balancing methodology allows for extremely fast and effective cell balancing, while a one box configuration simplifies installation.

A full range of accessories including wiring looms, switchboxes (BDUs) and software tools are available for use with the BMSs.


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