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PlugSurfing joins to showcase dynamic EV charging map!

14 May 2012

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PlugSurfing – the social EV charging network – has launched a widget which since April 2012 is showing dynamic, real-time data for half of the 16,000 charging points displayed, including the UK Government’s National Charging Point Registry. welcomes PlugSurfing as Premium Partner.

PlugSurfing, the world's largest community of electric vehicle drivers has recently announced new Application Programming Interface (API) agreements with Essent, RWE, Nuon, and EV-Box - and becomes the first to connect to the UK Government's new National Charging Point Registry.

In addition to the existing API agreements with Coulomb, E-Laad and Nobil, PlugSurfing members can now see location, access and payment information for an impressive 16,000 plugs across the whole of Europe, including the UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria and Denmark.

'As an international organisation with its roots in the UK', says Adam Woolway, PlugSurfing's UK spokesperson, 'we are also particularly pleased to have become the first developers to integrate the Government's new National Charging Point Registry. This means that members of our EV community in Britain can now not only find a charging point, they can also check certain charging points to see if they are free or occupied before they commit to travelling there. The amount of these dynamic charging points is also set to increase as more operators sign up to the scheme'.

PlugSurfing – Available Online, Smartphone and a Website Plug-in Widget.

Launched in September 2010 as a community platform for EV drivers to find public charging points and securely share their own private charging points, PlugSurfing has now risen to be the world's largest database of electric charging points and community of EV drivers. It remains a completely free service and social network available online, as an app for iPhone and Android and also now as a customisable, plug-in HTML widget. This widget can be easily embedded on any website completely free-of-charge.

Discover the dynamic EV charging map at


Dennis Miles

Electric Vehicle Technical Institute Inc.
The Valet Charger A portable so you can charge anywhere!
$1,500 plus shipping and tax, you can order via e-mail Jim Burness at .
This is a great solution! Charges any EV (It is Portable) then, recharge "The Valet" in any AC outlet. Just wheel the unit to the EV needing a charge and plug in the J1772 "level 2" cable into the EV and charge away. Put two or more in a van and drive around as an emergency recharging service, or set up a schedule to recharge the EV for other owners/drivers with no EVSE at home or work or perhaps if they charge only at work but need a charge on their day off. Even for the home renter who does not want to invest in a $3,000, to 4,000 EVSE for the garage, this is a reasonable alternative. (In my Opinion.)
added 2012-05-14 21:01:09

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