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Electric vehicles under latest annual session of the National’s People’s Congress - ELECTRIC CHINA WEEKLY No18

12 March 2013

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In March the annual session of China’s top legislature, the National’s People’s Congress, opened, with Chinese minister Wang Gang and Geely’s chairman Li Shufu expressing their support for the development of electric vehicles in China. At the same time, in order to reduce air pollution, Beijing has introduced a series of new policies to speed up the adoption of EVs in the capital city.
Chinese minister rides electric car to the National People’s Congress
During China’s annual legislative session in Beijing this year, China’s Minister of Science and Technology Wang Gang showed his support for the widepread use of electric vehicles across the country by chosing an electric car for his commute.
Minister Wan Gang is one of the most active Chinese high officials engaging in the promotion electric vehicles. The electric vehicle he travelled in to the National People’s Congress is a BYD e6. During a press conference on March 7 the minister expressed a strong commitment to promoting electric vehicles within the public transportation sector in China. He indicated that besides the subsidies to private buyers of new energy vehicles, a more coordinated development will be needed in the long run and "such coordinated development needs a combination of charging facilities, environmental protection measures, industrial development policies and efforts from the power sectors." 
Geely: Low-speed electric vehicle is the way to go for Chinese cities
In a press conference during the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing this March, Mr Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely, which owns Volvo Car Corp, said that low-speed electric vehicles are the way to go for Chinese cities. 
Mr Li believes that China should give priority to the development of low-speed electric vehicles due to practical considerations. He said: “low-speed electric vehicles have already been successfully developed in Shandong Province. Low-speed electric vehicles have many advantages. They are suitable for short driving ranges… This type of electric vehicle can be designed to be very small and lightweight, incorporating a smaller battery, which has a reduced battery pack capacity that saves more energy.” Li said that if Beijing could widely adopt short-range electric vehicles or hybrids, the city would soon benefit from better air quality.  
Beijing unveils new policy to promote electric vehicles
The Beijing city government is working hard to improve traffic congestion and air pollution, which have been attracting more and more negative publicity worldwide. In March 2012, the city government is introducing a series of new policies to speed up the rate of adoption of electric vehicles in the city.
According to Chen Guiru, deputy director of the Beijing New Energy Automobile Development Promotion Center, Beijing will announce a series of policies to encourage residents to buy electric cars. For example, buyers of electric vehicles in Beijing will receive car number plates that exempt them from having to participate in the car license plate lottery. In addition, the government is planning to introduce a new maximum purchase subsidy of RMB 120,000 (~€14,681) for private electric cars. Beijing aims to add 5,000 electric cars in 2013, 2,000 of which will be purchased by groups and individuals. Electric taxis and buses will account for the rest. Beijing will also expand the construction of charging facilities in the city. These measures will take effect in the first half of this year.
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