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ABB to provide world’s largest network of EV fast-charging stations in the Netherlands

09 July 2013

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Leading power and automation tecLhnology group, ABB, has won the contract to build an electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure that will bring charging stations within 50 kilometers of all 16.7 million inhabitants in the Netherlands. ABB’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure team was recently honored with the 2013 Pioneer Award for Sustainability by the Green Parking Council.
ABB has been selected by Fastned to supply chargers to over 200 EV fast-charging stations in the Netherlands. With a maximum of 50 kilometers between each highway station, all Dutch residents will be within 50 kilometers of a station by the time the network is completed in 2015. According to Bart Lubbers, one of the founders of Fastned, “this countrywide network of locations will lay the basis for the commercially viable development of e-mobility. I foresee a race towards faster charging and larger batteries throughout the car industry.”

ABB’s fast chargers

Each station will be equipped with several multi-standard fast chargers, such as the 50 kW Terra 52 and Terra 53 models, which are capable of charging electric vehicles in 15-30 minutes. Delivery of the first ABB Terra fast charges is expected in September 2013. Each of ABB’s web-based fast chargers encompasses a wide range of connectivity features including remote assistance, management and servicing and smart software upgrades.

Benefits of the multi-standard design

With ABB’s multi-standard design, the stations will be able to service all major EV brands from Europe, Asia and the US. The design supports all fast-charging standards and protocols such as CCS and CHAdeMO, which is critical for maintaining compatibility between rapidly evolving cars and chargers in the years to come. Fastned will be able to maintain a reliable service and upgrade its network as technology progresses. In addition, ABB’s open standards-based cloud connectivity solution allows for a user-friendly payment system and access service for all drivers.

“Fastned chose ABB for its proven expertise in deploying and managing nationwide EV charging networks. ABB provides the charges and industry-leading software solutions for remote servicing as well as connectivity to subscriber management and payment systems,” said Ulrich Spiesshofer, Executive Committee Member responsible for Discrete Automation and Motion.

Project background

The plan for building EV fast-charging stations along the Dutch highways began in 2011 when Fastned asked permission from the Ministry of Infrastructure to implement an EV charging network. That December, the government announced a public-tender process to facilitate the deployment of charging facilities at the 245 service stations along the Dutch highways. Fastned received concessions for 201 locations.

ABB wins 2013 Pioneer Award

The Green Parking Council (GPC) has awarded the 2013 Pioneer Award for Sustainability to Cal Lankton, Director of ABB’s EV Charging Infrastructure for ABB’s North American operations. The award honors leaders of the parking industry’s transition to an environmentally-conscious business model. “This award can be shared by everyone at ABB who is working toward sustainable mobility: from the EV team deploying charging infrastructure, to our cross-divisional work supporting a smart gird,” Lankton said.

About ABB

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The company plays a vital role in the development of sustainable mobility by providing innovative and efficient technologies for EV charging infrastructure, including AC regular and DC fast charging stations, powerful network management software, flexible maintenance service portfolios and components. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.

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Sales & Marketing Manager at ABB EV Charging Infastructure
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