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IAA 2013: EV Premieres and concepts

11 September 2013

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In this second update from IAA, the worl'd lastegst automotive fair, held in Frankfurt, Germany from 10 to 22 September 2013, details the EV premieres and EV concepts revealed at the show. +PHOTOS +VIDEOS
BMW X5 Coupé eDrive: BMW eDrive technology hooks up with the intelligent all-wheel-drive system BMW xDrive for the first time in the BMW Concept X5 eDrive. The concept reaches average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of under 90 grams per kilometre.
The electric motor in the BMW Concept X5 eDrive generates a maximum output of 70 kW/95 hp. The synchronous electric motor developed by the BMW Group also maintains a steady flow of power into the upper reaches of its load range and keeps weight low. The motor alone can propel the BMW Concept X5 eDrive to a top speed of 120 km/h. The BMW Concept X5 eDrive can complete the sprint from rest to 100 km/h in under 7.0 seconds.

Audi Sport Quattro:  The Audi Sport quattro concept show car features a plug-in hybrid drive delivering a system output of 700PS. A choice of three modes is available. Three driving modes included: EV mode is for purely electric driving; Hybrid mode for maximum efficiency and Sport mode for maximum performance.
In EV mode, only the electric motor is active. With a peak electric output of 110 kW and 400 Nm (295.02 lb-ft) of torque, electric driving both inside and outside the city is possible. An active accelerator indicates the transition to hybrid operation to the driver so that he/she can consciously control the switch between electric and hybrid driving modes.
When the V8 and the electric motor work together, the Audi Sport quattro concept accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds. Its top speed is 305km/h.

 2014 Range Rover Hybrid & Range Rover Sport Hybrid: Land Rover will debut two new hybrid products at the Frankfurt Auto Show, based on the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models. Each will use a 3.0-liter diesel V-6 as its basis, an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox (used across the automotive world) and a 35 kW electric motor. As regular hybrids rather than plug-ins they rely more on their diesel powerplants than electric drive, but the company claims 36.7 mpg on the combined European cycle.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R: This car features Toyota’s race-winning sports hybrid technology in a powertrain that develops more than 400bhp. It features a 1.6-litre petrol Global Race Engine and two powerful electric motors that give the car intelligent electric all-wheel drive. It also makes use of a supercapacitor to harvest and store energy, just like Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car.

While the engine drives the front wheels, each rear wheel is powered by a 60bhp electric motor – the same as that used in the standard Yaris Hybrid. In combination, the elements in the hybrid powertrain produce maximum power of up to 414bhp (309kW). The two electric motors work as electric generators when the car is braking, and supplement the petrol engine’s performance under acceleration.
The rear electric motors can have a big influence on Yaris Hybrid-R’s handling when cornering, by altering the torque distribution between the left and right rear wheels.


Porsche 918 Spyder PHEV: The Porsche 918 Spyder is celebrating its debut at IAA 2013. The super sports car with plug-in hybrid drive is a dynamic performance car combined with the fuel consumption of a compact car.

The 918 Spyder has been designed from the outset to be a high-performance hybrid, boasting an unprecedented combination of performance (offering the 887 hp output of a super sports car) and the virtually silent, emission-free travel of an electric vehicle. The vehicle is able to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds and offers an average standard fuel consumption of between 94 mpg and 85 mpg.

Porsche Panamera PHEV in video:

Lexus LF-NX concept
: The LF-NX concept features Lexus Hybrid Drive full hybrid powertrain tuned for SUV performance. It combines a 2.-5-litre, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a power electric motor. At lower speeds, LF-NX can be driven under electric motor power alone.

Honda NSX concept in video:

Smart Fourjoy: The Foujoy is a concept that should be considered as a study for the return of a 5-door hatchback into Smart's range of vehicles. The second-generation ForFour, like the new ForTwo, is set to go into production next year. Both are built around a new rear engine/rear-wheel drive structure, developed with Renault-Nissan. Engine options will include more powerful versions of the ForTwo’s turbocharged 900cc unit.

Opel Monza: For Opel, the Monza Concept features what people can expect from Opel in the future, including a variety of powertrains. The Monza Concept is based on a modular design to allow highest-possible flexibility when selecting a propulsion system. A variety of sustainable powertrains based on increasing electrification of the automobile are conceivable. For the Monza Concept to be displayed at the Frankfurt show, engineers conceived an electric drive with a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) range extender – a further development of the Ampera's pioneering technology. The new-generation three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo – which also makes its premiere at the IAA – takes over the task as range extender. But it does so with natural gas instead of gasoline, further improving the car's CO2 footprint. With its visionary approach, Opel continues to combine the potential of electric propulsion with the benefits of the internal combustion engine.

Chang'an Eado Hybrid: The Chang’an Eado Hybrid is based on the petrol-powered Chang’an Eado sedan which was launched on the Chinese car market in March 2012. 

Nissan ZEOD: The Nissan ZEOD is expected to "electrify" Le Mans next year. It will feature twin electric engines that will initially power the car. Few details are available at this point, but Nissan's team expects the car to break the land speed record for electric vehicles under 1000kg (currently set at 328.6km/h).

Renault Twizy F1 in video:

Peugeot Onyx in video:

Formula E car (Renault / Michelin / Qualcomm) in video:


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