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New premium partner: EV Charging Stations Network Management System from Critical Software

01 June 2011

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Critical Software, an expert company in advanced IT systems, has developed an innovative software platform that facilitates the general management of any EV charging infrastructure. The csNMS - network management system - allows real-time monitoring and control of all charging stations in one network independent of the charging station type.
Electric vehicle charging stations infrastructure software solutions
Companies whose core business is to manage EV charging stations networks in different regions or countries face some common issues. Although the setup of these infrastructures varies, these companies need to choose from a variety of charging stations models and suppliers, need to install thousands of these stations, need to be able to efficiently and effectively operate the network, need to share information with other companies operating the network and have adequate interface with EV users by integrating or developing billing systems or mobile applications.

To solve these problems, Critical Software has developed a truly intelligent management system that can easily adapt to different charging station models as well as business management systems (billing systems, mobile applications, customer support, etc) therefore providing flexibility for companies operating these networks to more easily choose from a variety of solutions available and guarantee that all network management needs are fulfilled.
The software pioneer is now joining as new Premium Partner to showcase its expertise and present all technical features of its EV software products to the expert audience.


“Critical Software’s csNMS is a pivotal system for the management of the Mobi.E nationwide EV charging infrastructure in Portugal and it is now the right time and our goal to have a strong presence in other projects all around the world. The csNMS provides flexibility for companies that set up and manage EV charging infrastructures to independently choose the most fit charging station models, payment systems and mobile applications by having a network management system that can easily integrate with other third-party systems. We want to be on the front line of electric mobility and, for that, we believe that our partnership with can be an important step towards reaching other companies and markets,” says Joaquim Valente, Product Manager at Critical Software.

Main highlights of the cs Network Management System (csNMS):
  • Centralized monitoring and control of Electric Vehicle charging stations networks using a web based system with user-friendly screens and integration with Google Maps
  • Flexible and scalable modular system, capable of supporting different business models
  • Integration with different charging stations, being supplier independent
  • Integration with other business systems (e.g. billing, CRM, asset and maintenance planning)
  • Alarm management: including SMS/email notification and predefined automatic reaction execution
  • Extensive reporting and statistics analysis: on usage, performance and network planning
  • User permissions management
  • Open source solution reducing dependency on other technologies
About Critical Software

Critical Software is a software development company whose mission is to provide dependable and innovative technologies and engineering solutions for mission and business critical information systems. They have strong competences in developing systems to manage several levels of the energy industry value chain, from Power Generation to Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility, namely managing EV charging network infrastructures. With its headquarters in Portugal, Critical Software has also offices in the USA, UK, Brazil, Romania and Mozambique.


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