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AVL joins to showcase battery solutions

23 February 2012

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AVL is world's largest privately owned and independent company specialised in the design and development of powertrain systems as well as instrumentation and test systems. welcomes AVL as Premium Partner, and gives more details on some of their products and services.
AVL E-Storage TesterTM / EmulatorTM for battery testing and emulation

AVL focuses on three different parts of the electrification of vehicles:

Development of battery systems

AVL has developed the ‘Battery Design Engineering & Battery Build’ service to better answer their customers needs. AVL Battery design experts take care of all mechanical and electrical integration aspects and make sure that the design meets volume production requirements.

  • Mechanical Design: Sophisticated AVL approaches help to leverage the entire potential of electrochemical cells. Precise simulation results identify and help to optimise the most appropriate thermal conditioning system for the application.
  • Electrical Design: AVL assures compatibility of all electrical components under all conditions, hence unrestricted operation under all conditions can be guaranteed. Furthermore highly skilled EMC experts support the electrical design and layout to minimize electromagnetic interference.
  • Battery module and pack assembly: Battery pack development requires the ability to build up modules and packs for validation and testing. Dedicated areas for battery assembly and analysis as well as a prototype workshop allow quick build up and modification of batteries.

Instrumentation and test systems

The products of this business area comprise all the instruments and systems required for engine and vehicle testing. For example, Battery Testing & Benchmarking, at cell and pack level:

  • Cell testing and benchmarking: Based on a dedicated test program AVL determines which cell technology matches best the targeted application (race cars, passenger cars - e.g. HEV, PHEV, EV - commercial vehicles, off-road, etc.) and how it can be ranked in the market. AVL‘s cell testing facilities are equipped with high-tech state-of-the-art equipment. Voltage levels from 6 to 20 V allow also tests on 12 V VRLA and lithium ion systems for soft & mild hybrids. Currents up to 800 A allow high power and cold cranking tests for all chemistries.
  • Battery pack testing and benchmarking: Dedicated test benches with up to 500 kW & 1000 V optimised for a variety of validation tests and development testing are available at AVL. All sizes of battery packs up to 10.000 l can be tested in special climatic chambers. Closed-loop testing with an integrated battery management system and thermal conditioning (air, liquid, R134a) of the battery pack is one of the company strengths. Specific tests with more than 200 additional measurement channels for temperature, voltage, flow rate, pressure, current (all insulated up to 1000V) are available.

Advanced Simulation Technologies

The developed simulation software is focusing on design and optimisation of powertrain systems and covers all phases of the development process, such as Thermal & Mechanical Simulation:

  • Thermal aspects: At AVL a standardised CAE engineering process for battery and electric vehicle thermal management analysis assures power availability and a long battery life. A consistent testing procedure for electrical and thermal characterisation of a cell creates a basis for model parameter identification and model validation. For best conformity of all simulation results a continuous simulation approach is chosen. Precise models allows AVL to optimise the thermal integration of cylindrical, pouch and prismatic metal can cells. Thermal conditioning (cooling/heating) requirements for the battery pack and the vehicle are derived.
  • Mechanical aspects: A suitable mechanical integration of the cells assures safety of the battery pack under all conditions. Cell swelling over life, tightness of the gasket, mechanical integrity of the modules, crash acceleration, torsion, stability of the housing, etc. are topics that are intensively investigated using FEM simulation.

About AVL

AVL is the world's largest privately owned and independent company specialised in the design and development of powertrain systems (engines, transmissions, electric motors, batteries, control systems) for passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, and industrial applications, as well as instrumentation and test systems. Powertrain Engineering Division activities embrace all functions from concept definition through to production development. Supported by comprehensive in-house research, AVL's engineering specialists design and develop powertrains of all types and sizes for a worldwide clientele and carry out application-specific system integration to achieve optimum solutions.

AVL has a global passionate group of scientists, engineers and technicians that work on batteries. In a worldwide network of battery labs and development centres AVL is developing battery test equipment and the batteries for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact AVL for any enquiries, you may send a request to Beatrice Jörer directly.


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