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About is a leading industry platform that enhances the worldwide development of full electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EV/PHEV).

With a unique mix of News, Products and Community, is an interactive platform for engineers and marketers to connect, share and do business with other experts worldwide.

What can I find on

The website keeps you abreast of all developments in EV/PHEV technologies in a user-friendly way. It provides:

News: Daily news about latest developments in industry, research, product development, and policy. Live coverage of events around the world, interviews, and product features.
Products & Services: A database of electric motors, batteries, electronics, converters, battery management systems (BMS), chargers, other components & services for electric mobility.
Knowledge: A growing collection of papers, studies, presentations, standards and articles dedicated to electrically driven vehicles
Events: A list of conferences, meetings, and trade fairs of relevance for the EV/PHEV industry.
Company directory: A comprehensive listing of key actors in the electric mobility sector.
Interactive online community: The first dedicated online community for EV/PHEV industry to find business and project partners, share best practices, discuss technical issues and exchange ideas about electrified vehicles.
Jobs platform: Connect with employers and qualified staff active in EV/PHEV technologies.

Who should use it?

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Suppliers, Engineers & Sales Personnel
  • Public Authorities worldwide
  • Science & Research
  • Media and NGOs following climate change and environmental technologies, as well as
  • Anyone with an interest in clean technologies and sustainable mobility

What does stand for? is part of a new "21" series promoting sustainable technologies. The number "21" stands for coming of age, adulthood, maturity - just as solutions for electric vehicles are here today or right on the verge to "electrify" the automotive industry and spark a technological revolution.

What's more, "21" also symbolises the challenges, but also opportunities, mankind face in the 21st century. Electric vehicles as a zero-emission alternative to lead the world towards more sustainable mobility will contribute its share so that today's and future generations can make the 21st century a century of sustainability.

Where are we today?

Since its launch in 2009, over 15 companies and research institutes have joined as Partners (as of March 2012). Pioneers in electric vehicle technology, they are actively involved in the development of this collaborative platform. More partners are welcome to join!

Who is behind it? is produced by shecco, a Marketing & Communications expert helping companies to bring climate friendly solutions faster to market. We believe in electric mobility as one of the most sustainable ways to rEVolutionise the automotive industry, and its huge potential in combination with renewable energies.

To fully exploit this potential, a well-informed and well-connected industry is needed. wants to go beyond the hype to be the hub for interaction and knowledge exchange to make sure electric vehicles are here to stay.