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Comprised of the GP45EVLF cells, the 10/GP45EVLF module is sturdy constructed module readily adaptable to multiple applications. The overall construction lends itself for system customization from the management system to final pack and installation layout.


Industrial Standard: IEC/EN 61960
Discharge performance at 20°C (rated capacity)>42Ah at 0.5C
Discharge performance at -20°C (rated capacity)>60% of rated capacity at 1C
High rate discharge performance at 20°C>90% of rated capacity at 5C
Charge (capacity) retention and recovery>80% of initial capacity after 1 month storage at 45oC
Charge (capacity) recovery after long term storage>90% of initial capacity after 6 months storage at 25oC
Endurance in cycles
Battery internal A.C. resistance<20mΩ
Battery internal D.C. resistance<20mΩ
Manufacturer Standard
TypeLithium Ferro phosphate prismatic batteries
Nominal dimensions339x239x107
Nominal voltage (V)32
Charging voltage (V per cell)3.65
Charging methodCC/CV until 0.05C
Discharge cut-off voltage (V per Cell)2.5
Specific energy at 0.5C (Wh/kg)90
Specific power (W/kg)1040
Energy density at 0.5C (Wh/L)155
Power density (W/L)1800
Max continuous discharge current (A)225
Max. 10s peak current (A)600
Weight (kg)15
Ambient temperature rangeCharge : 0-45°C, discharge : -20°C to 50°C (conditionally), storage : -20°C - 35°C)

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