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EV Powercharger 3000

EV Powercharger 3000

Infrastructure & Charging | EV/PHEV

from Eltek Valere

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"Compact and high efficiency charger for electrical vehicles, providing an industry leading efficiency up to 96%. Design can be adapted to different battery technologies and ensures fast charging while still maintaining optimal battery life. Its compact design will fit in to any free space in an electrical or plug-in hybrid vehicle.


The charger is designed for maximal utilization of a 16A wall socket. It provides an output power in excess of 3 kW with a very high efficiency up to 96%. The charger is designed in a very compact box measuring only 50x280x120mm, with an output of 3 kW this represents 30W pr Inch3 or 1800W pr liter. In addition the high efficiency gives little excess heat which again reduces cooling requirements. The mechanical design with thermal coupling of all major heat generating components mounted against a solid aluminum outer wall. This is intended to be mounted against a cold-plate, water cooled or with a sufficient heat transfer capacity for the environmental specification applicable.The charger is designed to be placed in an IP housing. "

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