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Scalable Battery Management System (s-BMS)

Scalable Battery Management System (s-BMS)

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from LiTHIUM Balance

Sales request contact Tunji Adebusuyi

"The Lithium Balance Modular Battery Management System is suitable for a large range of applications using Lithium Ion battery technology. It provides the necessary feature set for use in electric vehicles, being incorporated into the battery pack by the OEM directly, or by a battery pack integrator. Other transport and military applications such as starter batteries, high and low speed traction batteries, back up power (UPS) batteries can all be safely and effectively managed by the Lithium Balance BMS. Industrial applications such as: Material handling systems; cleaning vehicles; robots and various mobile aerial devices are also suitable for integration with the Lithium Balance Battery Management System. The Scalable Battery Management System (s-BMS) is a combined hardware and software solution for managing multi-cell Li-Ion battery packs.


The s-BMS provides: over and under voltage protection; cell balancing; contactor and charger control; status information and data communication. The system is built up around a central controlling board, the BMCU and satellite boards, LMUs each capable of monitoring up to 8 battery cells. The s-BMS can work with up to 32 LMUs which are connected in series to a single BMCU."

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