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VCF Formation Charging System

VCF Formation Charging System

Infrastructure & Charging | EV/PHEV

from Bitrode

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Bitrode provides the VCF-CR charge-only circuitry as an excellent solution for formation of automotive and industrial batteries, best suited for container charging of multiple strings of batteries. Bitrode's VCF-DC charge/discharge systems are built for several production applications. They can be used for container formation of stationary and industrial VRLA batteries, and for water bath formation to speed the production cycle. and features polarity reversal for tackless formation of automotive and industrial plates.

  • Charge-Only Systems for Automotive & Industrial Container Formation: Model VCF-CR
  • Charge/Discharge Systems for Stationary & Industrial VRLA, Water Bath Formation and Tackless Plate Formation: Model VCF-CD
  • Charge-Only systems up to 1000 amperes
  • Charge/Discharge systems up to 2000 amperes
  • Circuits built for service up to 100-500 volts
  • Constant current, voltage, ampere-hour and power controls
  • Control and measurement accuracy to within 1% of full operational scale
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) design for superior reliability
  • Flexibly configured analog and digital I/O channels
  • Battery backed local circuit memory fror reliable restart and data retrieval after power outage
  • System cooling for reliability in demanding environments - application specific options
  • Charge/Discharge power recycling - VCF-CD systems route discharge energy back to the
  • AC power line - energy cost savings and reduced heat stress on operational environment

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