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advanced lithium-ion cells

advanced lithium-ion cells

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Altairnano

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"Altairnano’s advanced lithium-ion cells are a critical enabling technology for the market-readiness and commercialization of mass transit and heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) applications. Altairnano provides established manufacturers and system integrators with innovative lithium-ion cells in 11 Ah and 50 Ah configurations. Replacing graphite with a proprietary, high-surface area lithium-titanate oxide based anode material, Altairnano’s cells feature distinctive performance attributes, including fast charge/discharge rates, high round-trip efficiencies, long cycle life, safety, and ability to operate under extreme temperatures.


- System Benefits Powerful - Three times more powerful than existing batteries - Safety Independently tested to achieve exceptionally high abuse tolerance - Reliability With a wide operating temperature range between -40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, a 12,000 + cycle life and a 15-year calendar life, Altairnano’s advanced lithium-ion cells ensure the availability of power, anytime, anywhere - Rapid Charge/Discharge Rates Featuring C rates between 4 C and 10 C, Altairnano’s advanced lithium-ion battery systems can respond with milliseconds to required power and energy outputs"

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