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Monolayer Polypropylene (PP) separators

Monolayer Polypropylene (PP) separators

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from Celgard

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"Celgard is the leading supplier of Monolayer Polypropylene (PP) separators to the disposable (primary) lithium battery market. Monolayer PP separators are also well-suited for electric drive vehicle (EDV) applications because they offer increased rate capabilities and are stable across a wide thermal range.


Features of Celgard Monolayer PP Separators include: - Produced using a dry-stretch manufacturing process - Excellent resistance to acids, bases, and most chemicals - Uniform pore structure with high chemical and thermal stability - Well-suited for a variety of barrier-type uses - Oxidation resistance for excellent cycling & trickle charge performance - Zero TD shrinkage reduces internal shorting and improves high temperature dimensional stability

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