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Lithium-ion Battery for Plug-in Hybrid Car

Lithium-ion Battery for Plug-in Hybrid Car

Electric Vehicle | EV/PHEV

from Hitachi

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Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. is now producing Lithium battery which is important for the next generation car like Hybrid car and Plug-in Hybrid car then contributes to the growth of the environment oriented society Generation II: The production started in 2010. More than 1.2 million cells have been shipped to the market. And there, 5 years operation has been done in the application on truck, bus and train. Generation III: Downsized type of Gen.II. Ready to production and it will start in 2010." Generation VI: Newly developed product planned to be produced in 2013. Achieved power density 4.500W/kg, world highest level. Capable to improve the fuel consumption of car, to reduce CO2 Emission, and then to improve the perdormancec of car.


Size(mm) = 146×110×30 Weight(kg) = 0.75 Voltage(V) = 3.6 Capacity(Ah) = 25 Power density(W/kg) = 2,400 Energy density(Wh/kg) = 120

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