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Super-Charge Ion Battery (SCiB™)

Super-Charge Ion Battery (SCiB™)

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Toshiba

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Toshiba’s super-charge ion battery (SCiB™) products are a safe, high-performance, long-life, rechargeable battery solution for a wide array of applications ranging from electric bicycles to uninterruptible power systems. SCiB batteries charge in as little as 10 minutes and have a structure that assures an extremely low incidence of internal short circuits. A high level of safety in preventing thermal runaway is assured even if an internal short circuit is forced. SCiB products also offer minimal degradation, even after 6,000 or more charge-discharge cycles. This lifespan is often equal to that of the electronic components in which they are used, thus eliminating the need for battery replacement and reducing the environmental impact of waste batteries.


Features: - Advanced Safety Features Prevent Thermal Runaway, Even if Physical Stress Causes Short Circuit - Minimal Capacity Loss, Even After 6,000 Charge-Discharge Cycles - SCiB Batteries Charge in as Little as 10 Minutes - Large Usable Capacity, Due to Minimal Loss During Charging-Discharging - High Output Performance Equivalent to Electric Double-Layer Capacitor - Superb Performance Even at Temperatures as Low as -30C Applications: - Forklifts/Automated Guide Vehicles - Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles - HEV, PHEV, & EV - Floorwashers, Lawn Mowers, Other Equipment - Uninterruptible Power Systems - Solar Power Generation & Wind Power Generation

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