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3-speed electric vehicle transmission

3-speed electric vehicle transmission

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Antonov

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Antonov has developed a modular 3-speed powershift transmission for a wide range of Electric Vehicle applications: - Compact design - High Efficiency - Avoids large ratio step of a 2-speed transmission - FWD OR RWD configuration - Seamless gear shifts - Park brake included - Neutral ratio towing capability - Scalable to different torque applications


The overall benefits of a multi-speed transmission are: - The Motor operates in its most efficient speed range - The vehicle range is increased or a smaller battery pack can be used - A smaller electric motor can be specified - Allows greater flexibility of motor supplier selection - Vehicle launch performance and cruising speed is improved - The vehicle energy can be managed to suit driving modes (for example performance or range) - Low gear can be selected for increased regenerative braking

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