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AFM-240 Axial Flux Motor

AFM-240 Axial Flux Motor

Electric Vehicle | EV/PHEV

from EVO Electric

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EVO Electric offers permanent magnet motors based on proprietary axial flux technology that can be used in conjunction with custom built or standard industrial inverters. AFM type electric motors combine high performance with low weight and size, ideal for electric and hybrid electric vehicles and a wide range of demanding industrial applications. The AFM-240 motor range has the following key features: • Very high torque and power density • Low cogging torque • Compact design with flat front and back faces for mounting • Integrated resolver for rotor position feedback • Vibration tested to military standard • Liquid cooling for enhanced performance • Through shaft and customised versions available


AFM-240 Specification: Type: PM Synchronous - Axial Flux Maximum Speed: 5000rpm Nominal Torque: 440Nm Peak Torque (for up to 60s): 800Nm Launch Torque (for up to 18s): 1200Nm Nominal Output Power : 150kW Peak Output Power (for up to 60s): 335kW Torque Density: 10Nm/kg Power Density: 4.2kW/kg Peak Efficiency: 96.5% Coolant Medium: Water/Glycol (50/50) Coolant Flow Rate: > 12l/min Length: 222mm Diameter: 400mm Weight: 80kg

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