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Automotive Solar Panel

Automotive Solar Panel

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Quantum

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FEATURES • Strong Eco and Styling statement • Increased passenger comfort – Parked vehicle cooling with on-board fans – Heating systems (i.e. seats, steering wheels, etc) • Vehicle efficiency gain & Emissions reduction – Reduced Air Conditioning operation – Reduced 12 VDC Battery charging by engine/alternator – Reduced alternator load while driving • High reliability and low maintenance technology • Annual average energy savings ~ 150 KWh (1m² Solar Roof) • Annual gasoline savings ~ 62 Liter (150 KWh @ 25 % engine fuel efficiency ) • High efficiency monocrystalline cells


Efficiency: 15-17% Rated voltage output: 5-50 VDC Maximum peak power: 140 Watts/m2 Maximum size: 1.5m x 1.3m Maximum thickness: 3mm x 6mm Power output 10 years: 90% Power output 25 years: 80%

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