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AVERE, founded in 1978, is a European network comprised of members including Users, NGO's, Associations, Interest groups, Public Bodies, Research & Development entities, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers, Electricity Utilities. Its main objective is promoting the use of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles - individually and in fleets and for priority uses - in order to achieve greener mobility for cities and countries. The main activities to achieve these objectives are related to dissemination, networking, monitoring, participation in European and multilateral projects, lobbying, research and development, among other. In public policy advocacy AVERE presents the electric drive industry's and R&D bodies' concerns to the European Commission.


AVERE has the property rights and organizes the periodic Electric Ele-Drive Transportation conferences (past EETs in Portugal/Cascais, Brussels and Geneva) and together with WEVA twenty-four EVSs in 40 years of World Electric Vehicle Symposiums. It also collaborates in regional events in different countries and in many specialized conferences and workshops. AVERE's goal is to rationalize the efforts of its member companies in the scientific and technological development of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles to foster markets development, and thus to promote electric vehicle use. With the AVERE member's network, finding partners in other European countries is no longer a problem but an opportunity. Finally, AVERE voices for the electric drive industry at the European Commission that plays a key role in helping the development of clean vehicles. In addition, as it is often hard to make initial contact with this vast institution AVERE helps his members to approach the relevant persons and to assist in project co-ordination.

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