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18650 LiFePo4 Battery

18650 LiFePo4 Battery

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Battery Optimum Co.

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LiFePO4 is made of olivine, left, as the positive pole connected by aluminum foil. In the middle there is a diaphragm of polymer which separates the positive pole and negative pole and Li+ is allowed to go through while e- is not. The negative pole, right, is made of carbon (graphite) and connected by copper foil. Battery has electrolyte between its top and bottom and is coated with metal, totally sealed. When LiFePO4 is being charged, Li+ in the positive pole moves to the negative pole through polymer diaphragm. During discharging, Li+ in the negative pole moves to the positive pole through the diaphragm. Li-ion battery gets its name for it moves back and forth during charging and discharging.


Application for: Pure electric bus, Hybrid electric bus, electric car(pure electric, hybrid electric), car starter power, electric bicycle, electric motorbike, electric ski, golf cart, electric vehicle, electric racing car, electric tricycle Model: LFP-18650 Capcaity: 1100 Volgate: 3.2 Diameter: 18 Height: 65.7 Weight: 38

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