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Numerous modules are combined to create a complete lithium-ion battery system with the dimensions and performance data tailored to meet the clientÂ’s specific requirements. The systemÂ’s modular concept enables flexible construction of the battery unit, also in regard to the relationship between the voltage (volt) and load capacity (ampere-hours), which can be influenced depending on the system design. The system is equipped with a complete thermal management system that keeps the temperature of the cells in the safe zone, even under higher operational loads. The battery management system constantly monitors the status of each individual cell to ensure the highest level of safety and the optimum operating characteristics. This not only has a positive effect on the service life, but it also reduces the associated costs as well. A new type of user-interface provides the driver with important information, such as the state of charge. This information is so precise that the driver knows down to the exact kilometre just how much further the vehicle can travel before recharging


Key data: - Energy density: 122Wh/Kg 180 Wh/l - Energy: 37,6 kWh - Weight: 308 kg - Nominal Performance: 192 kW - Max. performance (10s) 288 kW - Dimensions (h x w x l): 4M Tray: 308 x 698 x 270 mm 12M Tray: 593 x 809 x 364 mm - Capacity: 106 Ah / 53 Ah - Voltage: 355 V / 710 V

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